Work Permit

Foreigners intending to work in Turkey are legally obliged to enter Turkey with an appropriate visa. Foreigners, who will work for less than 90 days, must enter the country with an “assembly visa”, whereas those who will work for longer periods are required to enter the country with an “employment visa”. Application for both visa types can be made online.

Assembly Visa

Foreigners coming to Turkey for assembly, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting or training purposes for a period of 90 days may enter Turkey by obtaining an assembly visa from a Turkish Consulate located in the country which they are citizen of or in which they officially reside.

Global Mobility

Mioseta provides support for permit applications which you will have to make for your staff members assigned within scope of your investments in the U.S., Italy, Russia, Austria and Iran (so that your staff members can work there legally). If requested, Mioseta will direct your company to our relevant solution partners.

Company/Branch Office Formation

Foreign companies not resident in Turkey may perform their commercial activities in Turkey by means of branch offices or local companies which they will establish in Turkey for reasons such as getting access to developing markets or satisfying their need for new markets.

Unlike Liaison Offices, branch offices and companies may engage in commercial activities.

Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon is an approval process to be performed at the Philippine Embassy in Ankara. This approval process is obligatory for bringing a foreign worker from the Philippines or for a Philippine citizen to obtain an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) after having returned to his/her country. Otherwise, the foreign worker will not be allowed to leave the country.

Residence Permit

Please contact Mioseta anytime to get information about applications for touristic residence permits or family residence permits.
Foreigners intending to extend their stay or accompany their spouse are legally obliged to obtain residence permit from the Immigration Authority.

Payroll Outsourcing

Companies are using payroll outsourcing for various reasons. This is because it reduces the workload and technical requirements that may be caused by temporary staffing. Payroll outsourcing does at the same time minimize the mistakes that could be made by the Social Security Institution.

Liaison Office

Liaison offices are representatives of foreign companies that furnish services in Turkey under a parent company on the condition that their activities are limited to a certain period of time. Liaison offices are not allowed to engage in commercial activities or issue bills.

Home Services

Please contact Mioseta anytime to get support for work permit applications required for foreign workers which you would like to employ in your household within scope of Home Services.

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