Who we are?

Every year, thousands of foreigners from different countries come to Turkey for residence or study purposes. The most basic need of foreigners is to be able to receive reliable services in order to ensure their stay without having to deal with bureaucratic formalities.

Mioseta is a consultancy company based in Ankara, which offers solutions for foreigners with regard to bureaucratic formalities.

Mioseta’s fluently English-speaking specialists establish direct contact with foreign company officials and foreign personnel, thereby minimizing the time that the employer and the foreign personnel will have to spend for bureaucratic formalities and giving them the chance to focus on their projects only.

Vision: Our vision is to offer best possible services for subcontractors, investors and their personnel intending to undertake work in Turkey.

Mission: Our mission is to become a leading consultancy company in visa applications to be made at Turkish Consulates by foreigners intending to work in Turkey.

What we do?

Mioseta provides support for foreign investors and their employees in following matters:

  1. “Assembly visa” and “Employment visa” applications: Visa applications to be made at Turkish Consulates by foreigners intending to work in Turkey in the short term (up to 90 days) or in the long term (up to 1 year)
  2. Company or Liaison Office Formation: Pre-formation and post-formation formalities of foreign companies intending to do business in Turkey (company, branch office or liaison office formation, office lease, post-formation registration procedures, post-formation accounting services)
  3. Payroll outsourcing: Payroll outsourcing services in collaboration with solution partners for the employees of foreign companies that do not have a company or branch office established in Turkey
  4. Global Mobility: Along with visa and permit applications for foreigners coming to Turkey, Mioseta also provides support for permit applications of Turkish citizens and/or foreigners who intend to work in Iran, Italy, Austria, the U.S. or Russia (in collaboration with solution partners.

How we do it?

After having collected the required information about your project, Mioseta’s experts will inform you about the steps to be taken in order that your employee can start working in the soonest time possible. Foreigners intending to work in Turkey are legally obliged to enter Turkey with an “assembly visa” or “employment visa”.

Our experts will get in contact with the employer both in Turkey and abroad, prepare the application file and send it directly to the foreigner’s address abroad

Since the Turkish Consulates abroad work on appointment basis, Mioseta’s experts will make an online visa appointment for the foreigner taking into consideration the foreigner’s convenience, and take all necessary steps so that the foreigner can conclude his/her application in the smoothest way on the on the appointed date and time.

We also provide support with regard to opening of bank accounts and social security registrations for foreigners entering the country with an employment visa.

Mioseta prevents unnecessary loss of time by offering its customers efficient, reliable, special services in dealing with bureaucratic formalities. Thus, the employer and foreign employees get the chance to concentrate on their job.

This is our most primary goal.