Foreigners coming to Turkey for assembly, maintenance, repair, troubleshooting or training purposes may enter Turkey by obtaining an assembly visa from a Turkish Consulate located in the country which they are citizen of or in which they officially reside.

Foreign personnel entering the country with an assembly visa can legally work 90 days within 180 days retroactively. If the foreign personnel has stayed in Turkey with another visa type in the last 180 days, the time of such stay will be deducted from the 90 days. For instance, a foreigner who stayed in Turkey for 30 days in the last 180 days with a tourist visa, will be able to work for 60 days after having entered the country with an assembly visa.


Mioseta files an online visa application in line with information and documents received from both the employer and foreigners prior to application, and sends the application file directly to the foreigner’s address abroad.

An appointment is made taking into consideration the foreigner’s convenience. The foreigner is then expected to file application on the date and time of appointment.

It is compulsory to book flights and hotels for online visa application. No appointment can be made without uploading the relevant documents to the system. Therefore, please make sure that all flight and accommodation programs are arranged at least 3 weeks before your planned entry with an assembly visa.

Assembly visas are issued for multiple entries, depending on the Consulate at which the application is made. Foreigners holding an assembly visa can work 90 days in Turkey within 180 days retrospectively, during the visa validity dates. For works of longer periods, an “employment visa” application must be made.

No obligation of payroll or insurance registration during the work period in Turkey.

Gives the right to work up to 90 days in the last 180 days. In the event of entries made before with different visa types, such entries are deemed to be included into the 90 days.

In EU countries, the visa fee charged for multiple entry visas is approximately € 180.

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