A “work permit” must be obtained in order for foreign staff to be employed in Turkey. Permit applications are made to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, using a “reference number” to be obtained from Turkey’s representation offices abroad.

Foreigners with a residence permit of at least 6 months valid in Turkey (except for residence permits granted for educational {bachelor’s degree} purposes) can apply directly to the Ministry of Labor. Foreigners meeting these criteria do not have to apply for an “employment visa”.

Applications must be made by the employer residing in Turkey, who shall meet following criteria subject to the Ministry’s inspection:

  • 5 (five) Turkish employee for each foreign worker employed,
  • Paid capital of at least TL 100.000 TL or,
  • Annual turnover of at least TL 800.000 or,
  • Annual export of at least USD 250.000,
  • The wage payable to the employed personnel shall be adequate for the work to be performed by the foreign worker etc.

Mioseta examines and evaluates the documents of the employer and the foreigner prior to application and informs the applicant about the admissibility of the application. The application is made after an in-depth discussion of a possible positive or negative outcome according to results of evaluation.

The first application is made for 1 year. In the following years, the obtained permit can be extended by 2 or 3 years, provided that the employer remains the same.

How is the application made?

Mioseta gets an online visa appointment on behalf of the foreigner. Thereupon, on the date and time of appointment made by Mioseta, the foreigner is required to go to the Turkish Consulate located in the country, which the foreigner is citizen of or in which the foreigner permanently resides, and file an application for “employment visa” using the file sent by Mioseta.

The foreigner will receive a reference number from the Consulate. Using this reference number, Mioseta will file a “work permit” application at the Ministry within the time set by law.

Procedural steps:

Employment visa application (Turkish Consulates):


Foreigners who do not have a residence permit of at least 6 months valid in Turkey must make their application at a Turkish Consulate located in the country, which the foreigner is citizen of or in which the foreigner permanently resides. Until this process is concluded, the foreigner may not take legal employment even if the foreigner enters the country via other visa types.


Work permit application (Ministry of Labor):

Using the reference number given to the foreigner during the foreigner’s application at a Turkish Consulate, Mioseta will file a “work permit” application at the Ministry of Labor within the time set by law. The approval period takes approximately 4 weeks.

Processing of employment visa into the passport:


After the work permit is approved, the foreigner must within 30 days apply to the consulate, where the foreigner made his/her employment visa application, pay the required legal fees and have the employment visa processed into his/her passport.


Insurance of the foreigner:

It is a legal obligation that, subsequent to approval of the work permit (or in case of applications made abroad, subsequent to the foreigner entering Turkey), the foreigner is immediately enrolled into social security and that address registration is made at the relevant Registry Office within 20 days.

Allows multiple entries and exits within the validity period (1 year at first application). The applicant is allowed to work legally within the validity period.

There is social security obligation. The minimum salary to be paid to a foreigner when applying for an expert status is three times higher than the gross minimum wage. (7.675,20 TL)

In EU countries, visa fee is approximately € 240. The stated amount may vary according to the consulate, where the application is made. Confirm the legal fees at the relevant Consulate prior to application.

Please click here for detailed information about work permit applications to be made within the scope of home services.

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